Outdoor inspiration during lockdown

Even though we’re in pandemic lockdown, you can still get outside. Hike Nova Scotia has the ideas and information you need while staying close to home. 

“The Province has specifically told us to get outside, but to do that in our home communities,” says Janet Barlow, Hike NS Executive Director. “It’s crucial to do this to stay healthy – both physically and mentally. Go spend some time at a nearby park, trail or other greenspace.”

If you need inspiration or advice, Hike NS has lined up a slate of outdoor-themed webinars you can access no matter where you live in the province or your level of outdoor experience. They are free for paid Hike NS members or $20 for non-members, who then get a free one-year membership. Upcoming webinars include: 

  • Intro to Birding
  • Wildlife Encounters & Safety
  • Intro to Hiking
  • Leave No Trace
  • Tick Prevention

“People are just craving this type of outdoor knowledge,” Barlow says. “For example, we just held a wildly successful Tick Prevention webinar with about 100 people registered.”

As long as pandemic restrictions allow them to go forward, there are a number of in-person courses scheduled for later this spring including Field Leader – Hiking (how to be a hike leader), Navigation (how to use a map and compass) and Re-Connecting with Nature (teaching adults how to engage kids with nature).

Webinars and in-person courses are offered with the support of the NS Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage, the Outdoor Council of Canada and other partners. Learn more and register at www.hikenovascotia.ca

Hike Nova Scotia encourages and promotes a growing hiking culture throughout our great province. We strive to be the voice for those who hike, walk and snowshoe. With every step we’re building a community of outdoor adventure enthusiasts.


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For more information on these events or Hike Nova Scotia contact:

Janet Barlow, Hike Nova Scotia
(902) 932-6902

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