A Feast Unlike Any Other on Thanksgiving Weekend

img_20160914_153653024Tired of the same old turkey dinner every Thanksgiving? Perhaps a change is in order? A special cultural culinary hike in Southwest Nova Scotia will offer a feast unlike any you’ve had before.

“Peml’gat Toqwa’q Mawoi’mi: A Mi’kmaq Cultural Culinary Experience” is a chance to experience Mi’kmaq food and cultural interpretation, all while going on a hike. The event, taking place along the Tkipok Trail in Yarmouth on Saturday, October 8, is hosted by the Acadia First Nation in partnership with Hike Nova Scotia.


“It is important for Acadia First Nation to lead by example and reflect our Mi’kmaq culture and values of our ancestors ‎with recreation in today’s society and what what better way than with this cultural culinary hike on the Tkipok Trail,” says Chief Deborah Robinson of the Acadia First Nation. “I am proud to participate in an event with Hike NS that will showcase the teachings  and traditions of the Mik’maq with hiking, food and physical activity in both a traditional and contemporary way.”

“We’re excited to work with Acadia First Nation on this event,” says Garnet McLaughlin, Hike Nova Scotia President. “Many hiking trails throughout the province have been walked for thousands of years by the Mi’kmaq and many other trails are located on land that has cultural significance to them. This is a chance to recognize and honour that.”drummers

Fast Facts:

  • The experience will include a smudging ceremony, the seven sacred teachings, drumming, dancing, a game of waltes and drum-making.
  • Traditional food and drink tastings will include medicinal tea, bannock, an Acadian dish, Luskinikn, moose meat, fish and berries.
  • Groups will leave to experience the hike in two shifts, one at 10 am and one at 11:30 am, and stop at several stations along the trail.
  • Following the hike, participants are invited to attend the Acadia First Nation Harvest Feast in Yarmouth.
  • This gathering is not normally open to the public, but those who go on the culinary hike get admission to the Harvest Feast.
  • Tickets for Peml’gat Toqwa’q Mawoi’mi: A Mi’kmaq Cultural Culinary Experience are $50 each and must be ordered online in advance at www.hikenovascotia.ca.
  • The event is offered by Acadia First Nation in partnership with Hike Nova Scotia.
  • Hike NS encourages and promotes hiking, walking and snowshoeing throughout Nova Scotia.
  • Membership in Hike NS means keeping up-to-date on the latest hiking news and having a say in its many projects.
  • Hike NS is supported by the Province of Nova Scotia.


img_20160914_154502663Please use the photos on this page or contact us (info below) for photos.

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Janet Barlow, Hike Nova Scotia
(902) 717-4408

Cathy Leblanc, Acadia First Nation
(902) 307- 4700


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