Hibernating is For Bears Contest

Thank you to everyone who entered our Hibernating is for Bears Contest. It was so nice to see all of the entries coming in, and to see so many people refusing to hibernate!

Congratulations to our contest winner, Leslie Johnston.  Leslie’s photo of her family snowshoeing in Trenton Park was selected in a random draw. See below for her photo entry, and scroll down to the bottom of this post to view the 100+  fantastic contest entries.

Leslie and Jason Johnston

Happy Hiking everyone.

If you  enjoy the great outdoors year round we want to hear about it. Share a photo of yourself hiking, walking or snowshoeing during the chilly winter months, and you could win a prize package valued at $100!bear-hibernating

How To Enter
There are 3 ways to enter, and each entry gives you another chance to win!

  • Email your photo to info@hikenovascotia.ca
  • Follow us on Twitter @HikeNS, and Tweet us your photo
  • Like us on Facebook and post your photo on our wall

What You Can Win

  • Hike Nova Scotia T-shirt
  • The book Hiking Trails of Mainland Nova Scotia by Michael Haynes
  • The book Hiking Trails of Cape Breton by Michael Haynes
  • Hike Nova Scotia Gift Membership
  • A Thermos
  • A First Aid Kit

The Fine Print
The contest runs from January 11, 2014 to midnight February 11, 2014. A winner will be selected by random draw. If the winner does not respond by February 17 2014 an alternate winner will be selected by random draw. By sending a photo you are agreeing for Hike Nova Scotia to use the photo publicly to promote this contest, as well as for any future promotions of the organization as they may arise.

See below for contest entries. Check back often, photos are being added regularly!


Active Pictou County



Alena Martin

Cheryl Campbell 2

Cheryl Campbell 3

Cheryl Campbell 5

Cheryl Campbell 4

Cheryl Campbell 6

Cheryl Campbell 7

Cheryl Campbell

Cheryl Jeffers

Colin Alexander Smith 2

Colin Alexander Smith

Debra Snair

Elizabeth Spence

Erin Bremner 2

Erin Bremner


Gloria McPhee 2

Gloria McPhee 3

Gloria McPhee

Justin Evaniew

Kendra Julie Marie Tonet

Kimberley Dykens

Lori Byrne

Mary Beth Clarke

Nancy Veinot

Renee Stubbs 2

Renee Stubbs

Rosa Cross

Shannah Hynes


Tahmir Tim El-Tahan 2

Tahmir Tim El-Tahan

Wade McIsaac


Jim Blanchard 2

Ruth and Jane

Stueart Grandy

Rosa Cross


Lynda-Marie Grosvold

Lisa Adams 2

Laura Napke

Kate Goodwin

Kate Goodwin 4

Kate Goodwin 3

Kate Goodwin 2

Jenny Rand

Benoit Lalonde

Amy Middleton

Amy Middleton 2


Tara Lantz

Wendy Rowcliffe


Stuart Grandy

Pat Carrigan

Pam Johnson

John Brannen

Giselle McPhee

Stuart Grandy

Julie Sheffield

Jim Blanchard

Eileen MacIsaac

Etienne Randonnee

Evelyn Marie OBrien

Gisele McPhee

Pat Carrigan 2

Pat Carrigan

Kris Jones

Andrew Tunstall

Colleen MacDonald

B.A. Duggan

Matthew Bradbury 2

Joanne Maxwell

Matthew Bradbury

Lisa Adams

Dawn Vickers

Amy Middleton

Denise Bekkers 2

Denise Bekkers 3

Denise Bekkers

Kate Goodwin

Courtney Sherwood

Courtney Sherwood 2

Catherine Johnson Cougais

Angela Joudrey

Angela Joudrey 2

Shauna Krasuski 4

Shauna Krasuski 3

Shauna Krasuski 2

Shauna Krasuski 1

Marie Donovan 11

Marie Donovan 10

Maire Donovan 9

Debbie Bannister

Maire Donovan 7

Marie Donovan 1

Marie Donovan 2

Marie Donovan 3

Marie Donovan 4

Marie Donovan 5

Marie Donovan 6

Marie Donovan 8

Ann Dell D'Eon


Chrissy Clothier

Debbie and Doug Weatherbie

Jaclyn Morrison 2

Heidi Guitard

Karen Brewer 2

Jaclyn Morrison

Karen Brewer 3

Karen Brewer 6

Kim Rafuse

Karen Brewer

Leslie and Jason Johnston

Lori Shalala

Louise Messenger

Mallory Leger and Winnie

Sarah Basha

Sheila Bergin Goss


Troy Dwayne Stewart

Terry Gillis


Wyatt and Shelley


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