Featured Trail: Wedgeport Nature Trail

Trail Name: Wedgeport Nature Trail

: Wedgeport, Yarmouth County

Description: “The Wedgeport Nature Trail is a 5.4km stacked loop trail system which begins at the Wedgeport Tuna Museum in Wedgeport. There is a large sign and map marking the trailhead at the museum parking area. The trail itself varies from a 4ft. wide tread way of natural duff to a gravel road. You will pass through forests of mixed woods, theTusket River estuary, barrier beach ponds, eel grass mud flats, coastal marshes, sandyand rocky shores, growths of sea plants, the Tusket Islands, a tree harvest area and a Christmas tree farm.”

Map: Find a map and directions here.


One thought on “Featured Trail: Wedgeport Nature Trail

  1. has anyone ever hiked the highest point in the winter? my sons did it this past summer,but are very adventurous and want to give it a try this weekend…a very concerned mother

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