Trail Blazer Peter Jackson receives Hike NS Summit Award

At the Hike NS AGM on June 2, Antigonish area trail-builder Peter Jackson was presented with the Summit Award by Hike NS to recognize his significant contribution to trails and hiking in Nova Scotia. Check out a news article on the award here.

2012 Recipient
~ Peter Jackson ~

Hike Nova Scotia is pleased to present Peter Jackson with the HIKE NS Summit Award. This award recognizes outstanding leadership and commitment in the growth and development of hiking trails and pathways in Nova Scotia.

Over the past 17 years, Peter Jackson has logged countless hours nurturing and growing a hiking movement in the Antigonish area.  The development of hiking trails takes vision, commitment and hard work.  Many challenges must be overcome to reach the summit or the end goal.

Peter is a forester by profession.  His love of the land and the natural environment has shaped his personal interests as a hiker, biker and paddler. In fact, when Peter retired over 17 years ago, he and his wife, Anne, ventured to the Rockies and did a 50 km hike near Mount Robson on the Berg Lake Trail. Both were forever hooked on hiking; and Peter was motivated to create quality-hiking opportunities in his native Nova Scotia.

We all know the importance of partnership in living a dream. Anne, I am sure you have influenced and supported Peter throughout the years.

Having a vision and dream to create a hiking culture is often just an idea; not for Peter Jackson!  Peter’s love of the land and his connection to nature lead him on a quest to create real opportunities where people could have good wilderness experiences. Peter’s philosophy encompassed how the trail would be designed:  with a view in mind and the use of natural inclines to make the hike more interesting and challenging.  Identifying the unique natural area and combining these characteristics with historic interests and topography, lead Peter to his stacked loop design, which seems to be the signature of his many designs.

It is not just about the designs.  It is about the passion, the commitment, negotiations with landowners, and the creation of partnerships; the countless hours and attention to detail.  It is about trail building and the map systems that make it easy to know where you are on any given trail section.

Roaming the hills of Antigonish County is Peter’s passion.  Leaving a legacy of trails is why Hike NS is here today. Peter, we know of Pomquet Trail, the Centennial Trails in Port Hawkesbury, the Port Bickerton Lighthouse Route across the barrens and along the edge of the sea, the Fairmont Trails, and the Cape George Trails.

These did not happen alone.  Partnerships with organizations such as The North Shore Development Association lead to the unique design of a 33km hiking trail system at Cape George, one of Nova Scotia’s signature trails, that showcases the hills and valleys of the Cape, complete with panoramic coastal views.  Both the Fairmont Trails and the Cape George Trails are listed in Hiking Trails of NS.  Your leadership has been instrumental in getting the Cape to Cape concept off to a good start.  It is now believable!

On behalf of Hike NS and on the occasion of International Trails Day, we are pleased to present you with the HIKE NS Summit Award.

Thank you for being an inspiration to the region and for being a part of the hike vision in Nova Scotia


Debra E. Ryan
Hike Nova Scotia
June 2, 1012


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