Provincial Parks Consultations May 31-June 26

Parks Consultations Meet Strategy Goal

Department of Natural Resources

May 28, 2012 12:23 PM

Government is acting on another goal of the natural resources strategy by launching provincewide consultations with Nova Scotians about provincial parks.

“We are very proud of our Nova Scotia parks and we want them sustainable for the future,” said John MacDonell, acting Minister of Natural Resources. “This consultation will help us develop our parks to meet the goal set out in the natural resources strategy.”

A series of community meetings will be held in locations around the province beginning Thursday, May 31. People can also comment through online and telephone surveys.

A simple survey on the Department of Natural Resources website and a telephone survey of Nova Scotians will also provide opportunities for people to express what they value most about provincial parks and how they should be managed in the future.

“We encourage Nova Scotians who use our parks to be part of this system-wide discussion. Their input is welcome and needed,” said Mr. MacDonell.

The province’s natural resources strategy, The Path We Share, released in August 2011, calls for a review to develop a more sustainable parks system. Information and opinions gathered from Nova Scotians during the consultations will be considered by government to develop an improved, sustainable system of parks.

“Provincial Parks are important to Nova Scotians,” says Chris Miller, national conservation biologist for the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society. “Parks are places where people can go to enjoy nature and learn about conservation, so it’s important for park users and all Nova Scotians to make their views heard”.

The province has nearly 300 properties in the provincial park system, including 20 camping parks and 122 day-use parks, many with coastal access. Other properties are held in reserve. The consultations will look at whether parks are meeting the mandate of parks legislation and consider opportunities for changes.

English public meetings will be held in 15 towns across the province and French consultations, via video conference, at five French-speaking areas. Details will be advertised locally and are online.


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