Ladies Only Trail Building Weekend: Oct. 22

All ladies are invited to attend the 4th Annual Ladies Only Trail Building Weekend for the Cape to Cape Trail on Saturday, October 22, 2011. No experience is necessary and all ladies and lassies are welcome! We will meet at 4945 Highway 311 in Earltown at Norris Whiston’s house, and will be working on the William and Jane MacDonald Spur off the Rogart Mountain Trail. Bring water, drink, lunch, logical footwear, appropriate clothing, and work gloves. Tools will be provided, mostly fire rakes, fire axes, loppers, weed whackers (which are used like golf clubs), and fan rakes. In the past, we ladies have shared supper together in the glow of our accomplishment, so we’ll probably do the same this year at Sugar Moon Farm. If you’re interested in joining us, please contact Fran Wyman at, (902) 924-2910 or Ellen Wilcox at, (902) 292-4033. Additionally, if you want to do the Ladies Only Trail Build on Saturday and the Durham hike on Sunday, you can stay overnight in Earltown by contacting Brenda at (902)
657-3476. The overnight would be pot luck.

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