Featured Trail: Delaps Cove Wilderness Trail

by Debra Ryan

If you are in the Annapolis area and are looking for a coastal hiking experience then plan to hike the Delaps Cove Wilderness Trail. Located north of Annapolis in the far reaches of Delaps Cove this trail is a gem and sure worth the visit. It has two trails: the first is Bohaker Trail which is a short three-km looped hike. It features old rock foundations and awesome Bay of Fundy views.

The rugged shoreline portion of the hike meanders along the bay for approx one kilometre and then you are treated to Bohaker Cove with its cliffs and a forty foot waterfall.

If you are an adventure seeker then you will find a way to the bottom of the cove (carefully) and explore the piles of driftwood and have a picture perfect moment at the bottom of the falls.

If you have a couple of extra hours then continue your hike westward and along the old Shore West Road. Once you cross Sloans’s Brook (approximately thirty minutes from Bohaker) start looking for the entrance to Charlies Trail which is located on your right. This looped trail (approximately two kilometre) is a wilderness single path trail.

The shoreline trail is different here as you hike the wooded area inside the tree line along the shore and have to explore the coastal views through strategic look-offs along the way.

Once you get to Charlies Cove you have a great viewing platform. The trail then swings north and passes by one of the largest foundations which is a remnant of an early black settlement. Make sure you read the interpretive panel. Heading north, the trail veers off the path to your right before you come to an old hunter’s cabin. Hike down a steep incline to a small gorge along the brook. You can view the small waterfall from the other side of the bridge and then return up the stairway and back on the trail.

The more adventurous folks choose to hike back to Bohaker Cove along the shore and although it is rugged in places you will be treated to lots of coastal treats (be aware of the tides). Otherwise, continue your trek along the path, hit the Shore Road heading east and return to the parking lot. The total trek should take approximately three hours more or less and is approximately ten kilometre return.

One final note: be sure to sign the guest book at the head of Bohaker Trail on your return trek and share your thoughts.

For maps and info go to: http://www.annapoliscounty.ns.ca and click recreation.


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