Hike Smart Tips

On  April 21, 2010 , Ms. Debra Ryan, President,  Hike Nova Scotia issued a press release – Groups says listen to Science on Coyotes and Hike Smart  …. She stress the importance of enjoying the outdoors with safety in mind. To have a safe hiking experience, here is what Hike Nova Scotia recommends

1) Never hike alone … there is safety in numbers
2) Develop a hike plan and leave with someone who will follow it up if you are late.
3) Take a map or compass or GPS unit with extra batteries and knowhow to use them .
4) Be prepared and take the right gear with you. Hiking or trekking poles will help you with difficult terrain and can be usefull in emergency situations such as fending off aggressive animals.
5) Never feed wild animals and always take back your garbage.

Further information on safe hiking can be found in the December 2009 Hike Nova Scotia Newsletter  as well on Cape Breton Highlands Natonal Park website – Coyotes and Hiking Safety.


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